Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Championship


When you make wrestling championship belts for a living, those belts are going to be pretty big. After all, most professional wrestlers are bigger than your average human. But imagine a title belt even bigger than a wrestling belt. Bigger even than the massive belt created for the legendary Andre the Giant. Imagine a belt big enough for a dinosaur!

In September 2018, Wildcat Championship Belts created what is believed to be the biggest championship belt ever made. They created a two-feet-tall, nine-feet-long, 50-pound belt for Pangea, Land of the Dinosaurs touring show based out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

One of the show’s attractions features massive animatronic dinosaurs battling in wrestling-style matches. On the line: the Supercontinent Championship Belt, fabricated by Wildcat.

The belt was different, but the process was largely the same. It just required more materials and scaling up the process. The big jewels on a regular belt are the small jewels on this belt. It is so big it couldn’t be gold plated. Because we don’t have a big enough gold tank to fit something like that into it, so it had to be nickel-plated.

The result is a massive belt fit for an enormous, prehistoric champion.