Andrew Lazarchik, the owner of Wildcat Championship Belts, makes a living constructing championship belts, so it should come as no surprise that he also loves the TV show This Old
, a home improvement program all about construction and craftsmanship.
In fact, he enjoys the show so much that he decided to crown the television show This Old House the Undisputed “How-To” Champions. In January 2020, Wildcat fabricated a title belt –
complete with the This Old House crafted into the main plate – and presented it to the show’s cast in recognition of the program’s 40th anniversary.

“Growing up, the one show other than wrestling that I would watch all the time was This Old House,” said Lazarchik, the owner of Wildcat Championship Belts. “As a teenager and even in college, we’d be sitting around the TV watching Norm Abram putting in a new door frame or resurfacing a floor. I have no ability to do any of it myself, but I enjoyed watching it then, and I still do today.”

In 2019, he learned that This Old House was going on a tour of sorts, with live, in-person appearances. This included a stop at WQED, the PBS station in Pittsburgh, not far from Wildcat in Latrobe, PA. Lazarchik immediately knew he’d be attending.

“Then I got to thinking, they’ve supplied a lot of entertainment to me over the years and they are the first ‘How-To’ TV show and certainly the best. They really are the ‘How-To Champions’, and they deserve a belt,” he said.

Wildcat got to work designing and crafting a custom belt for his favorite show. He then went to the event and presented it to the This Old House TV personalities, Kevin O’Conner and Jenn
Nawada. Not only did they pose for photos with their new title belt, but they also took it back to the This Old House studios, where it is permanently on display in recognition of being the true champion of its industry.