When Andrew Lazarchik founded Wildcat Championship Belts, he envisioned the belts he created would be for, well, wrestling. Through the years, that has evolved. Sure, they still make title belts for wrestling companies across the globe, up to and including the WWE, but he also makes them for corporate sales teams, competitive eating contests, and community festivals.

But, there’s one category that means a little more than the rest. Lazarchik and Wildcat have created and donated professional-quality belts to terminally ill children.

“Those are the belts that mean the most,” he said. The connection is through David Alan Clothing, a high-end, Pittsburgh-based men’s clothing designer. Several high-profile WWE personalities – including John Cena, The New Day, and Titus O’Neil – are among his clientele.

Each year in Pittsburgh, David Alan Fashion presents a celebrity fashion show, featuring his star athletes wearing his custom clothing. Given Alan’s connection with WWE, partnering with Wildcat Belts was a natural fit.

“There was a natural tie-in. I’m a Pittsburgh guy who does a lot of work for the WWE, and then I heard that the guy who makes the belts for WWE is a Pittsburgh guy too,” said Alan. “So I reached out. It just made sense.”

Alan reached out to Wildcat in 2018, and Lazarchik jumped at the chance to get involved. He crafted and donated a championship belt, which was auctioned off to support charities that help children in need.

The following year, Wildcat again donated a belt for the auction and also crafted title belts to be given directly to ill children. For any young wrestling fan, wearing a title belt fabricated by the company that actually makes the belts for WWE is quite a thrill.

“It’s always good to pay it forward,” said Lazarchik. “When I was a kid, to have an adult do something special for me, it made such an impact. If this is something Wildcat can do to help kids have a brighter day, that’s something we always want to do.”